For a couple years I lived "the dream" doing web-development as my full-time job. Starting as a complete amateur, a Winston-Salem based company took me in and trained me, to the point where you could say I graduated from hobbyist to professional. Now, I'm living my other dream as I train with NTM to learn how to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to a people whose language has never been translated. In the meantime, I still enjoy testing my development knowledge by doing work alongside my studies - mostly on the weekends.

Since I have an obsessive personality, and since I love coding, I find that my work still tends to be my hobby. I don't take on large freelance jobs anymore, but I am interested in short-term work (e.g. small websites, plugin development, basic solutions). Feel free to contact me via the info at the top of this page.

Here's my and my wife's website as we prepare to gain support in order to embark on mission work - nateandlaura.com.