Although my full-time job in front-end development takes most of my work energy, design and development are both things that I still love to do even outside of the nine to five. I began designing, without realizing it, over eight years ago. Through many trial-and-error-type moments, I sort of made my own path to several discoveries, starting with video editing and design, then to Wordpress development, on to logo design. After tripping along the way a few times, I was given opportunities to freelance, which helped me to hone in on the areas that I excel in most. Fortunately, I found my niche in front-end web development, where you could say I've graduated from hobbyist to professional.

Since I have an obsessive personality, and since I love what I do, I find that my work still tends to be my hobby. I don't take on large freelance jobs anymore, but I am interested in short-term work (e.g. small websites, plugin development, basic solutions). Feel free to contact me via the info at the top of this page.